Best way to get free PSN


According to the website of GrabPoints, you will come across some extensive programs online offering

reward points.


Here in GrabPoints, you will be able to perform your regular tasks in going through the

surveys or watch the videos with the download of the apps, stuff and much more.


These points can well be used in the form of great rewards and this is how you will be redeeming the

same. These here also include the free PSN codes. You can well buy some of the latest games while with

the contents that are downloadable, watch the movies online and much more with the PSN 4 console.


There is the whole amount of content in PlayStation Store that is just for you and you can well get hold

of these through websites such as that of the GrabPoints.


How to get started?

You can directly visit the websites like GrabPoints and register your account there free of any charge.

You will also be having the invite code option once you have done signing it in and if you have one you

can use it.

You will here get an instant 500 free points here once you enter in the invite code.


How does GrabPoints Work?

The available tasks that are there on the site should be started by you once the registration is completed



How to claim your own free PSN codes?

You can also claim your own free PSN codes after reaching out to the minimum of 3,000 points. You will

get the codes in 48 hours with the fast processing times of the websites that are available.


If you want to continue with your subscription after your free trial

When your free trial ends it will automatically roll into a paid-for ongoing PlayStation Plus subscription

with recurring monthly billing, so you don’t need to do anything to continue with your membership.


If you prefer to sign up to a different subscription payment plan (with quarterly or annual billing), simply

go to PlayStation Store and purchase a new subscription with the billing frequency you want, a

minimum of 24 hours before the free trial ends. Your free trial will then automatically roll into your

chosen subscription payment plan.


You will be entered into the “Stack” of PSN if you already have an existing subscription or you wish to

purchase another additional once. Instead of making the payment here, the subscription will be ended

and the stack of the next one will commence is what this means here with your next payment which is



The last one will continue its course until it is subjected to cancellation and every successful

payment will be taken on with the continuation of the stacked subscriptions.


For example, if you have purchased a subscription with a 3 month billing period and within that 3

months you purchase a second subscription with a 12 month billing period, after the initial 3 months,

the subscription will become a subscription which is billed every 12 months.


Whichever payment plan you choose, you will be placed on a recurring payment plan by default and the

option to ‘Fund wallet automatically’ will be switched on.